After the unbelievable success of our NHS giveaway, we wanted to complete another competition. We hoped to spread more positivity around such negative times that are upon us. 

We therefore, ran a second Instagram competition aimed at any individual who has completed a 'Hero' act during these difficult times with Covid-19. This included, but was not limited to; Keyworkers, Delivery Drivers, Supermarket workers, Local Neighbours, Volunteers etc. 


There was an incredible amount of responses and it was sad to not be able to reward all of these nominated Heroes. However, it was overwhelming with how many nominated Heroes there were and we read each and every entry and were touched by what some people are doing to help others!


We are proud to announce that we have selected the winners of the Heroes Giveaway and the products have been sent / will have been received by our Heroes.


We would like to once again, say a massive Thank You to everyone who nominated their heroes. With an even bigger THANK YOU, to those Heroes, who are going out of their way to help others during these very hard times. 
As a brand, we will continue to support others in the future. 

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