MM X MC Haribo

MM X MC Haribo

On the mic with MC Haribo, introduction in to his first rave, building his own studio & planned gigs worldwide!

Name: MC Haribo

Skill: Drum & Bass MC / Vocalist / Versatile Urban Artist

Instagram: @itsharibo

"At 16, I sneaked in to a Drum and Bass rave and got on the mic." Fast-forward to 2020 - "If it wasn't for Coronavirus, I was scheduled to perform at Glastonbury!"

Always growing up with a love of music, Haribo starting writing music at 13 in high school. After spending many school holidays in Nottingham with his mate who encouraged him to write music, this led to long days and long nights and a vision in the music industry. Haribo went on to college through music production and recording and realised his potential and the seriousness from here kicked in. Haribo realised 'this is what I want to do' and started releasing music on Soundcloud and YouTube to get his profile out there. 

Although it hasn't been as simple as it sounds for Haribo. With his own family commitments, along with many other commitments, with late nights, he realises 'it is hard to juggle everything, but we make it work the best we can'. 

However, it is safe to say, he has had success to date. From writing lyrics in a room in Nottingham, to performing at his first gig and to now performing throughout many venues throughout the UK and even Europe!

Haribo takes time out of the studio to sit down with Measured Modesty to discuss his huge success to date, the process of writing his music and his big plans post-Covid19!

Session 1: How did you get in to the music scene?

When I was 16, I managed to sneak in to a Drum and Bass rave (We won't ask how!). From there, I managed to get on the mic and I then made contact with a few artists on the night. They were impressed and I got invited to gigs in and around Manchester, it then stemmed from there... 

Session 2: Where did the name come from? 

Haribo was a nickname when I was young and it just stuck. 

Session 3: We see you have your own studio now, how did this come about?

I was constantly going to studios to record and it just became inconvenient really. If I ever wanted a really quick turnaround with a track, it became difficult. I decided to reinvest all my music money I was making to build my own studio - best decision I ever made! 

Session 4: What genre would you associate MC Haribo to?

My genre I'm mostly associated with is Drum & Bass but I still enjoy making other genres like Hip Hop, Grime, Dubstep etc. 

Session 5: When did you think "I want to do this properly, rather than just as a hobby"?

I always knew I wanted to think like this, but it finally clicked when I started getting paid to perform. It was a massive eye-opener. When you can get paid for something you love, it is a no-brainer. 

Session 6: Favourite track to date & why?

My latest - These Days. I first started writing music to Hip Hop, so it was nice to revisit where I started. 

(Out Now -

Session 7: Tell us about where your lyrics come from & How you start a track off?

I always try and keep my lyrics relatable and tell a story. However, it all depends on the track. When I get sent music to vocal, I will spend a few hours simply listening to the beat and then I will find a theme and run with it. It all comes alive in the end... 

Session 8: Most influential artist to you & why?

Hard one... There is a lot of artists I could pick, but right now, I would say DRS. I have looked up to him for a long time and he is so versatile. 

Session 9: How hard is it balancing family life with studio sessions & filming?

It is hard! Some things have to be neglected - mainly my social life and sleep. You just have to make it work as best you can! Family always comes first though. 

Session 10: Some of your favourite venues to date & why?

Printworks in London was really good. The atmosphere and production behind the visuals was amazing. Definitely a venue to checkout if you haven't. Warehouse Project at Mayfield depot is probably my all time favourite (To Date)!

Session 11: Festivals you would love to perform at & why?

I think Glastonbury would be top of the list. It is the best festival in the UK and if it wasn't for Coronavirus, I was scheduled to perform there this year!!! 

Session 12: What's next for Haribo? 

Keep progressing through the Drum and Bass ranks and continue to release a variety of genres. Once everything re-opens, I plan to do as many gigs as possible! 

Bonus Track: Favourite MM piece of the collections so far?

AW19 - 25X25 - White Essential Hoody. Check it out in my latest video!

On The Map

From indoor to festivals, Warehouse Project to Glastonbury, Manchester to Malta, MC Haribo is on the road to success. With relatable story-telling lyrics and versatility, Haribo is well and truly 'On The Map'. Although with the unfortunate setback of Coronavirus, Haribo is confident that his lockdown music that is set to drop, is his best yet - watch this space!

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// Measured Modesty would like to thank MC Haribo for dropping the Mic and taking time out of his studio session. // 

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