As everyone is aware of the ongoings regarding the Coronavirus, the country is relying on certain individuals to look after all of us. Although there were many categories of workers including Supermarket workers, Delivery Drivers, Post Men and Women and many more, Measured Modesty wanted to support the NHS. 

Although limited with our capabilities as a small business, we felt we must give something positive back to those people in the NHS (at every role and every location), who is going through a very busy and difficult time. Sometimes Heroes underestimate what they do day to day and need someone else to tell them.

We asked people to tag their NHS Heroes through our Social Media channels via our NHS Giveaway post. First of all, it showed that we as a brand and individuals, we all support and appreciate all of the NHS Heroes. Furthermore, it showed us that many people appreciate their family, friends and colleagues who go to work in the NHS every day, under every scenario


We are proud to announce that we have selected the winners of the NHS Heroes Giveaway and the products have been sent / will have been received by our Heroes. They are proudly listed below:

Weekend of Friday 10th April 2020

Becky Kinniburgh
Manchester / Salford Royal
Covid-19 patient support/responder

Katie Warmisham
Manchester / University Hospital of South Manchester
Nursing assistant on a critical care unit 

Imogen Haskell
Manchester / Royal Preston Hospital 
Staff Nurse 

Mia Hyatt
Liverpool / The Walton Centre
Clinical Systems

Iona Rendall
Edinburgh / GP surgery and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
Staff Nurse 

Weekend of Friday 17th April 2020

Sophie Shaw
Liverpool /  Royal Liverpool
Staff nurse, transplant unit
Kate Hubbard
Sheffield /  Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
Amelia Parr
Leeds / St James hospital
Staff Nurse 
Laura Patterson
Manchester / Manchester Hospital
ICU Nurse
Carol  Kavanagh
Manchester / North Manchester General
Manchester community response lead
We were completely overwhelmed with the number of responses on the posts and it really goes to show these NHS Heroes are massively appreciated by everyone. Unfortunately, we could not, of course, choose all of the tagged NHS Heroes. We would, however, like to say our
THANK YOU to these workers!
As a brand, we will continue to support others in the future. 

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