Rebrand now live //

Rebrand now live //

Measured Modesty -- Measured. 

Why we needed too rebrand: 

As a brand, we was not in the correct market we wanted to be. We felt we were going in the wrong direction. Creating product for no real reason. A lot of the time we thought are our potential customers & followers are not seeing what we had to offer?

Or…have they seen it and they’re just not interested?

When the brand started we had an idea. But we didn't know how to project it to our customers. 

We didn't have a set identity.

We didnt know our competition and how to improve and try to compete with them.

We just make products with our name on it. 

We want to focus on new products, services, collaborations, events and things we want to do.

Not that we have to do, to try and grow a brand the 'correct' way. 

As a brand we want to grow and the current plan, product and development would not allow for this. 

Things in all just needed to be revamped. 


Things we did keep though. -- The heart beat logo, we mixed it up bit. 

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