About Us

ertMeasured Modesty was founded in November 2019 in Manchester, by two friends with a passion to create something different than just a "fast fashion" clothing brand. 

Then covid hit.

So things needed to change and in 2022, Measured Modesty took a new look in the form of Measured®.  

The_exploring_program // Apparel for all daily adventures.

A mission to link functional and aesthetics to create something for every day adventures. Our aim is to create a garment that can be worn for traditional workwear, lifestyle and activewear. We want to create a strong link to the future by reducing customers wardrobes to long lasting products but also planting a tree with out Ecologi partner with every purchase made,


We wanted to take a stand against the fast fashion / throw away culture that has become more prominent in the market, by having a more responsible design approach. By producing each bespoke order, meaning we hold no stock and by using organic and recycle fabrics in all our garments. 

Good design & good materials are our most important tools in helping the planet.