COVID-19 Update //

An update from Measured Modesty 


We hope you are well and adjusting to the new normal.

The government has said online retailers can ‘operate normally’, but COVID-19 is serious and nothing feels normal at the moment.  As a business driven by design and creativity, we don’t say it often, but some things are just more important. 

Right now, we need to put our people first and so we’ve made the difficult decision to temporarily close our factory and distribution center. This will help protect our team and make sure they can do the right thing to keep their families and community safe.

In the meantime, we are taking orders on our website as normal, however, we cannot guarantee when these orders will be dispatched.

  To help any purchases for our customers in this uncertain time, we have enabled e-gift cards on our website. You can find these on every page of our website and they start from £10 and have no expiry date.

Our factory may be closed for a while, but we as a brand are always open. As you stay at home, we want to be there with you, lightening the mood and sharing product, teasing new designs and inspiration.  

We’re looking forward to a time when the news changes to a more positive note. 

Until then, we hope you stay connected; we together can beat this 

Be safe,

Stay Safe!


Best Wishes,


Matt & Jonathan

Measured Modesty